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07 March, 2008

Mall marriage

It really is Mad March in the UAE: here's a newlywed groom abandoning his wife in an Abu Dhabi shopping mall and going home to sleep:

Apparently, the man only realised his folly when his mother asked where his wife was. He, then, rushed to the shopping mall to find his wife weeping, surrounded by curious onlookers. The hapless woman did not have the contact number of her husband nor the contact number of her in-laws.

However, after some heart-burning and arguments, followed by conciliation efforts by elderly people, the woman forgave her husband... and the couple are reportedly living happily ever after!

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Blogger ali900 said...

this is another comedy - forgetting your wife and she has no contact number to call you - im laughing so hard... OH its classic!

07 March, 2008 02:31  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just as funny as actual event, is the lead of the story:

A newly-married couple came back from the brink after a folly on the part of the groom nearly rocked their wedding bliss.

I'm will to bet it's the only naturally occuring sentence in the world with "brink", "folly" AND "bliss" in it.

07 March, 2008 03:43  
Blogger Dubai Jazz said...

How come she don't have her husband contact number?

okay, let's assume she doesn't have it, doesn't she also know how to get home on her own?

she couldn't have been weeping for six hours continously, could she?

07 March, 2008 04:53  
Blogger Kyle said...

Even if this story were true, which is highly unlikely, it’s supposed to feed a wrong notion to the general public when it screams of ‘Hey, look – we’re advocating freedom in the press and we’re not afraid to publish follies of our race’.


First of all, the Editor that sanctioned this story ought to have his marbles checked & realigned (if he has any to begin with!)

Second, the media here should seriously consider the collective intellect of this diversified nation’s populace before publishing ridiculous articles, demeaning any particular race or creed.

And third, and most important, the media here ought to limit the trivial news published in the local newspapers and instead focus on a balanced offering instead of a singular bias.


07 March, 2008 09:52  
Blogger Media Junkie said...

It's possible that she is new in the UAE and therefore would not be familiar with the streets nor have remembered the required numbers. Therefore I would have been just as frightened and/or mad if I got 'forgotten'.

Regardless, it was hilarious to read, even if it was at the poor girl's expense.

07 March, 2008 14:01  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Immaturity at its best. Kids can be so irresponsible. Perhaps they were playing hide and seek......

07 March, 2008 16:45  
Blogger i*maginate said...

"Hubby" is hardly an appopriate word to use in a headline of one of two main local newspapers. Agreed with kyle, the amount of trivial content is increasing...but that's coz there's nothing much else to report ;-)

As for the story itself...I bet there's more to it than meets the eye - 'hubby' prob abandoned her deliberately. Or suffering from amnesia - both valid reasons for threatening to divorce, I'd say! The guy 'forgot' he had a wife, needed his mum to remind him...hmm!

07 March, 2008 18:37  
Blogger Kyle said...


but that's coz there's nothing much else to report

If they don’t have anything worthwhile to publish here, they could focus on Global Warming and Recycling for all I care.

And they can start by taking an analytical clue from Bill Safire on this global warming issue. Bill contributes The Last Word in Gulf News’ Weekend Review, and recently wrote a piece analyzing the term Global Warming.

On a lighter note, the weekend’s the only time I eagerly look forward to reading the Gulf News. That’s mainly because of The Weekend Review, which in addition to Bill’s articles also contains the LA & NY Times book reviews, art reviews, as well as intellectually inspiring write-ups.

07 March, 2008 20:21  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good Point-above me- The Saudis are investing mad cash into solar power and can u just imagine the desert filled to the brim with windmills..that would be an awesome site, then UAE can do a another superlative ..the most windmills in the world!- Oh that story is sad, it is either the woman is not advancing into society because of old traditions or she doesn't know her phone numbers like me!!!

07 March, 2008 23:34  
Blogger i*maginate said...

kyle, glad you got the ";-)" at the end of the quote you refer to re: my comment. On that note, how about adding justice, minimum wage, etc. what

GN is my local "reader's digest." Is there much other choice?

P.S. the horoscope is usually reliable.

Cheers back atcha.

08 March, 2008 00:10  
Blogger Kyle said...

Anonymous at 07 March, 2008 23:34

the desert filled to the brim with windmills

After that, we'd need an equal number of Don Quixote(s) to go after those windmill nemesis - LOL :)


I agree about that property thing. We ought to lobby to throw all those property developers*/owners into the Burj Al-Wathba, slam the door shut and lose the key - LOL ;)

*except The Real Nick ;)

08 March, 2008 08:19  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh my days! :-)

09 March, 2008 02:23  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know if they removed all the trivial crap from papers, the paper would only be one or two pages long. Newspapers should start reporting real news, not empty news that belong in the National Enquirer and the like.

09 March, 2008 08:18  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some time back my dog left me behind in a mall and went back home.Fortunately I knew my way back and I managed to reach home.I found my dog in distress and crying because he could not remember his way back to the mall ehere he left me.He also did not have my mobile number.

09 March, 2008 09:30  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

are you serious? what kind or world are we living in where people would believe this kind of story? its pathetic and overly exaggerated

09 March, 2008 09:34  
Blogger Adla said...

It doesn't get more hilarious I hope, Arab comedy captured!

10 March, 2008 04:00  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

'hey it's in the papers, therefore it MUST be true...right? or so people think. I don't get it, why do the papers even bother reporting this sort of stuff? ran out of real news to report?

10 March, 2008 04:19  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

@ Kyle ...atleast someone likes my funny sense of humour! hehe...

What happened to flatus and Screwed mined..I kind of like reading the thoughts of these men!

10 March, 2008 11:30  
Blogger Ammaro said...

not funnier than the guy who left his wife in a bathroom in malaysia while he flew back to saudi.

10 March, 2008 12:55  
Blogger Desert Princess said...

lol.. don't know whether to laugh or cry really!!!

10 March, 2008 20:40  
Blogger i*maginate said...

*anon, 10-03-08/ 11:30, I found your comment to be pretty hilarious too, as well as kyle!

Don't forget us women in the 21st century...please: we might have a sense of humour too.

11 March, 2008 02:10  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dude, your website has been blocked.

11 March, 2008 18:32  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"What is truth?" Ceasar??


I think the old term is the TRUTH shall set U free!

And I always thought SD is a Woman not a Dude! I could be wrong!!

The Phoenix always rises agian!!

Brou Ha Ha Brou Ha Ha!!!!

11 March, 2008 20:05  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey you, thieving Maktoum. Yes you stealing the people's resources with your jumbo jets and mega yachts. You Arab rulers are all thieves. Unblock this site immediately, NOW.

11 March, 2008 20:26  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

At least it's still available in Oman! For the moment...

Just don't say anythig bad about Sultan Q, SD, or we'll lose you, too!

11 March, 2008 21:59  
Blogger secretdubai said...

Hello all!

This latest block is an absolute mystery. I haven't received any kind of communication about removing any post or comment.

Anyway - now that I'm hidden from view - perhaps it's time to let rip. What they can't see surely can't hurt them?!

So posting again very soon...

And thanks to all of you for your support. And all your commments.

11 March, 2008 23:48  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i see you SD> i was a very unhappy dubai-ite who took the advice of 'get out you shit if you dont like' group, and moved to cairo where i am very happy.
site is not blocked more reason to get out of dubai.

13 March, 2008 15:06  

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