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23 April, 2008

The Lulu mermaid

Sadly, Abu Dhabi's greatest contribution yet to cryptozoology and marine biology is just an email hoax according to Gulf News. An cyber-missive is circulating showing pictures of an apparent mermaid found on Lulu Island:

The Environmental Agency-Abu Dhabi, in a statement issued to Gulf News said: "Mermaids do not exist and never have done according to scientific record.

"They are mythological so it would be impossible to have a real mermaid. The photograph is clearly a hoax."

Given her looks the Lulu mermaid is going to need an exceptionally beautiful voice to lure any dhow-sailors onto the rocks. She'd have far a better career chance as an extra in Doctor Who than as a seductive sea siren.

Next week: Dubai Scientists Discover World's First and Largest Yeti in Hatta. Stay tuned.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

maybe it is lulu supermarket selling Chinese made mermaids

23 April, 2008 12:58  
Blogger Kyle said...

And why the hell not? After all, they're building all those islands; Palm, Saadiyat etc. In my opinion, these mermie babes have the right to put on an appearance once in a while!

How lucky they must be to have an Airbus & an Ilyushin for lodging right under the Palm? Saadiyat may opt for an A380 ;)

This region takes the cake when it comes to reductio ad absurdum.

28 April, 2008 08:22  

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