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20 June, 2008

Overheard at the Hiltonia

It's alright - emergency over - everyone can come out from their concrete bunkers and air raid shelters. Because that recent terror warning from the British Government turns out to be just a misheard chat between two drunk blokes in a pub:

A diplomatic source said the warning was issued based on a personal conversation between the two Arab men in the Hemingway bar in the Hiltonia Hotel in Abu Dhabi. The bar is frequented by hundreds of Britons and Americans.

One drunk man told the other in jest: "If someone wants to scare all these people and make them run away, just say there is a bomb. A belt bomb will kill hundreds of them."

The source said it is believed that Britons sitting near the men overheard the conversation and thought it was serious.

What a relief! Because as everyone knows, foreign governments routinely post overheard inebriated pub chatter as Official Terror Warnings. Thank god for the rapid propaganda amendments from the local UAE press to suppress sort everything out!

Meanwhile the high alert warning remains on the UK Foreign Office website. One would think they might consider amending their own website before tipping off Gulf News.


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Blogger Abdullah Ali said...

LOL! I actually had to make my parents cancel their trip to Dubai this weekend because of the threats.
I laughed my ass off after reading this news. My parents, not as much.

20 June, 2008 16:16  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

that was funny

20 June, 2008 16:55  
Blogger Eccentric M said...

I lol'd.

20 June, 2008 17:24  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a disgrace to the open media.
Isn’t there a Geneva Convention or something that goes after newspaper printing gossip.

There should be some kind of law against these asshats.

20 June, 2008 22:59  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gulf News at its best !
First they don't report the terror alert, then a day or two later they come up with the "two drunk men" joke !
Why were the Arabs in AbuDhabi drunk anyway? Is it not illegal for moslems to consume alcohol?
What does the Ruler have to say about all these uncertainties in his lego land? Or has Shaky Mo already fled to Edgware Road ?

21 June, 2008 05:27  
Blogger rosh said...

GN, sets a new *bar* - it's called, beneath pit bottom! :)

21 June, 2008 06:41  
Blogger Kyle said...

Two things:

First, this fiasco reminds me of a Pierce Brosnan movie called 'The Tailor of Panama' and the so-called silent opposition.

Second, every time the newspapers here debunk something, they do it with their moronic side face-up.

For Pete's sake, could somebody remind them to at least debunk this or any other cloak & dagger juice with some style!

To the UAE Intel guys; at least tell us that you have in custody some twerps that were planning this gangbang - we'll buy that!

But a cocktail influenced bar conversation???

No class bad script.

21 June, 2008 08:00  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

persian gulf,

Unlike Persia where you might get killed for such acts, in Abu Dhabi you can drink if you so wish. The other thing is, if you were an arab and a christian, like myself, it is perfectly legal to drink in the UAE, I cant say the same about the Islamic Republic of Iran where I am simply not afforded this freedom of choice.

21 June, 2008 09:27  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The British are so bloody miserable!!,

Cabinet minister: Brits are 'bloody miserable',


21 June, 2008 11:27  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

if this is true British Embassy should be ashamed of themselves

21 June, 2008 12:37  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This may bore some of you but I'll write anyway:
Ah Dubai, the Vegas of the middle east(minus the casinos-for now). I say so because Vegas, as we know was built on gangland dirty money; but is the safest city in America; why? 'cos of the special protection it gets from the cops (on the take from Casino owners) to keep it a safe playground so visitors may come and empty their pockets. It's now a disneyland for family entertainment; little do the naive families know that the owners of the themed hotels are the kind of people that tie cement bags to people's legs and test their swimming skills in the beautiful lakes! Sounds familier, like a gangsta movie, eh? No, No this is as familier as the sleazy night clubs run by the money laundering Pakistani underworld in DUBAI. As familier as the teenage whores locked up during the day in red light districts of Dubai only to come out at night to sell their wares which are in fact owned by their Russian and Chinese mafia bosses. I can only imagine if I were a terrorist I would not launder my drug and extortion money in my name when there are so many god-fathers operating in Dubai with the blessings of the rulers of the land.
But everything looks hunkydory in the eyes of the Armani suit clad executive walking the passages of DIFC and other fancy towers 'cos he feels protected by the owners of "Dubai Inc" who like to ensure the city is isolated from trouble and remains a playground for "nice life" seekers.
As long as Sh Mo and his cronies can keep their ruthless grip on the reigns and not let his horses run away it will be fine. However, it's hard not to think about the hungry Sudanis, Yemenis and even other gulf Arabs who are not getting any piece of the action. The shit will hit the fan when they decide enough is enough. With oil prices bubbling over our heads and the shadow of Iran looming large its a bit difficult not to worry about idle bar rumours. In the meanwhile, cheers to all, and sing: "Don't let the sun go down on me" Dubai it seems to shine forever, just like Vegas.

21 June, 2008 14:15  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is not much to add to the comment of tenali raman on uae community blog:

"Please, people. You are all speaking in jest. How do I know that? Well, I learn from top class investigative reporters. Bassama Al Jandaly, to be precise.

See, such a big scare created by a clueless British Embassy that listens to hearsay from two drunk people who overheard (or thought they overheard, what two other drunks were saying to each other--entirely in jest, of course), all set right by a brilliant piece of investigative reporting.

The key phrase here is: "in jest".

Now if Bassama Al Jandaly hadn't uncovered that, we would all have still been scared shitless. In steps the investigative reporter, who zeroes in on the "source" (we protect our sources, like Al Jazeera does), who then admits the original conversation between the two Arabs was "in jest". The Embassy having issued a terror alert, how did the "source" come to know that the converation was in jest? After all the two scare-mongers who reported it thought it was serious. The Embassy thought it was serious. So how did they find out it was in jest? Did they catch the Arabs, who then went on to explain it was in jest? Whatever. A big hand folks, for our reporter, who cleared everything up. Now all can go back to being normal.

P>S> There's something fishy here, actually. How could two Arabs have been drinking? Do Arabs drink? Now that's a bad habit, and we all know that bad habits are alien to our culture. They do jest, of course, because jesting has never been proven to be a bad habit. In fact, it can be a good habit, especially if one is talking about a belt bomb. In such a case, it is better to be jesting than serious.

It is my qualified opinion that the two jesters were not Arabs. They were people of an alien culture, dressed as Arabs, quaffing down evil liquors in order to bring a bad name to Arabs. Ah, now it begins to make sense. This would explain the conversation about the bomb. After all, even if Arabs were jesting, they would never jest about serious subjects like this which could easily be misinterpreted. I think we have enough material for another front page story here.

We need the equivalent of the Pulitzers here, or people like Bassama Al Jandaly will go sadly unrecognised.

(P>P>S> Just in case I am wrong, and the two jesters were in fact Arabs, then they were indeed jesting. Poor misguided souls. They must have taken a wrong turn and quite unexpectedly ended up in the bar, where, being tired and thirsty, they asked for a drink. Fully expecting to receive camel milk, imagine their surprise when they were served some bitter, coloured water. Never again will we come to this inhospitable place, they thought, at which point they experienced a strange sensation, as though their minds were being taken over. Suddenly overcome by a feeling of being free and frivolous, they began jesting with each other. The rest is Pulitzer Prize winning history)."

I have been used to stupid Gulf News articles, but this one really tops them all!

21 June, 2008 14:15  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Two Arabs in a bar - speaking ENGLISH????

22 June, 2008 07:31  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Dubai drops case against Asif

Cricinfo staff

June 19, 2008

Mohammad Asif will be deported from Dubai

The case against Mohammad Asif, who was detained in Dubai on June 1 for suspected possession of an illegal substance, has been dropped by the Dubai public prosecutor and the fast bowler will be deported soon, according to a report in the Gulf News.

The report quoted the public prosecutor, Mohammad Al Nuaimi, as saying the case was being dropped due to "insignificance".

22 June, 2008 11:27  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

why the double standards???

this story is just AS credible as the claims made by the UK.

claims that were made with no proof, no details and absolutely no concern for the implications on the ground. seems to me that the british government is giving free publicity for the bad guys.

exactly like GN just did to hiltonia bars or whatever.


22 June, 2008 19:43  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is it not better to be safe than be sorry?


22 June, 2008 22:29  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes, everyone wants to be safe!

But how could we be safe from an unidentified threat?

to say that there is a threat from some sort of enemy, an enemy we know nothing about, except that they claim to have the knowledge that this unidentified enemy may strike foreigners or some of their assets in Dubai.

i mean, just the mere mention of some sort of imminent threat, in the least, brings about an amount of healthy skepticism. but that aside, How would issuing a vague warning do OTHER than safeguarding the credibility of the British Government in the even of an attack? Why don't they do us all a favor and present us (members of the public) the full story and proof of this threat, so that we could become better prepared to face it? or better yet, why don't they give this vital information to the authorities so that they could neutralize the alleged threat??

If you cry wolf one too many times, people would stop listening.

PS:(somehow, i get this feeling that the ANONs will start debating the pros and cons of dubai, just because i mentioned it in the third paragraph)

23 June, 2008 03:03  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

goodbye mate! so much for the environment!

UAE crab hunting craze

By Maey Al Shoush, Staff Reporter
Published: June 21, 2008, 00:08

Crab-hunting, let me be quite frank, is not for the chicken-hearted. And that’s why chances of me going on a second crab-hunting safari are almost nil. But that was definitely not the case with the boatload of people all around me, intent on catching their next meal.

The safari started out from the west coast emirate of Umm Al Quwain. There were three boats full of crab-hungry tourists — about 35 in all — that sped off to the mangrove islands nearby. And this was not really the season for hunting crabs.

According to Thomas Pothen, assistant sales and marketing manager of Flamingo Beach Resort which organised the safari, there are usually 100 people a day during season which is between September to April.

“Last year, we stopped the safari from May to July because it was mating season but not this year,” Pothen said.And that’s how we came to be hunting in June.

23 June, 2008 12:12  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ill omen, you are the man! people like you give hope for the world. shine on! let gulf news be your guiding light.

23 June, 2008 12:15  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

is that all you have to say anonymous?

Granted, your comment made me smile, but it was ultimately wrong. i do not use one newspaper or website to get my news.
i use this website: it is much more accurate and extensive.

but if have the ability to read for meaning, (an ability that you seem to sorely lack), then, you would be able to comprehend my words, as the second comment i made has absolutely nothing to do with GN. Yet even with your limited comprehension of my words you still could not argue against my points. so please, answer constructively or spare me the pain of dealing with your immaturity.

23 June, 2008 20:08  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Gulf Is Open for Biznesss, Life goes On and On......

24 June, 2008 08:46  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ill omen, you moron, when did any government decide to share its security details with public, including idiots like you and even potential terrorists? so that they can adapt and change plans to hit? or give new ideas to people who might be on the borderline?

coming to think of it, you, the proud protector of all you purview, when did your country, or any of the despotic tinpots in the sandlands ever tell you anything? anything about your country, where the money made from natural wealth goes, about the lifestyle they lead, about the squandering of wealth they do, about the security threats they face , about the previous attacks that have happened all over the region? has one truth ever come out? then who the bloddy hell are you to ask another country to provide you details your own governments dont think you deserve to see.

the country in question will provide details to whom they think fit, when they think fit. and that is not you. and you will do jackshit about it. stop reading if you dont like. maybe you can leave if you dont like:-)

24 June, 2008 11:55  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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24 June, 2008 15:59  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Increasing cost of living forces residents to cut down on expenses

By Daniel Bardsley,Gulf News Staff Reporter
Published: June 27, 2007, 23:33

Dubai: UAE residents have said rising costs have forced them to cut back on holidays, choose cheaper goods when shopping - and even consider leaving the country.

24 June, 2008 18:34  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Frustrated by rising cost of living in the UAE

By Cleofe Maceda, Staff Reporter
Published: June 23, 2008, 23:33

Judging by the trend in price movements, it appears that Dubai is now well on its way to raising its ranking as one of the most expensive cities in the world to live in.

The prospect of getting relief from the rising cost of living in the UAE seems gloomy, as a recent report confirms that the situation has become worse than ever before.

Recruitment consultant Kershaw Leonard recently released its comprehensive report on the cost of living in the UAE, compiling prices of almost all requirements of living, from air tickets, school and medical charges to golf club membership fees.

24 June, 2008 18:36  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

is it legal to have a dildo in dubai? I'm cumin' over on my own but I want to enjoy myself...

24 June, 2008 20:06  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To the Anonyturd @24 June, 2008 11:55 above,

Are you always this Foolish, or are you trying hard just for today?

You have confirmed what I have stated in my earlier comment; but since you are nothing more than an inadequate, irrational and unperceptive sad excuse of a living cadaver, all that compels me to re-state the obvious and a bit more: not only you lack basic comprehension of the written word, but also you know nothing of current events. and thus, I will strive to do you justice to your intellectual level and keep this simple enough for you with the hope of enlightening your wretched reality.

The British Government did two things last week:

1- They raised the "terrorism risk level" of the UAE to the highest level possible

2- The Foreign Office issued a vague warning of a terrorist attack against British citizens and interests in the UAE.

"We continue to advise a high level of security awareness in public places, but we are not advising a change to travel plans," - U.K. embassy spokesperson. as reported by the Financial Times.

Based on this information on the newspaper, it would seem that governments do in fact share some of the intelligence with the public. But i do not expect you to know the difference between compromising national security, and issuing statements based on gathered intelligence. If you read my earlier comments in the proper context, you would have spared me your ignorance and/or stupidity.

Here is a simpleton's version of what i have said in my earlier comment:

The British Government should have either came clean with the whole story, or not have bothered at all. Giving too little information would have not helped anyone prepare for the worst, giving too much to the wrong crowd would do more harm than good.

I have also stated that the least that the British Government could have done (ulterior motives and face-saving gestures aside) would be to share that information with the proper authority which in turn could eliminate the threat. By the way, the UAE has the second best HUMINT capabilities in the Middle East (After Israel), and the Interpol National Central Bureau of the UAE is among the best in world in terms of dealing with International Organized Crime.

I laugh at your pathetic attempts to defame the country i live in, because you cannot rationally argue against my line of reasoning.

This country, The Emirates has granted me the opportunity to make something meaningful out of my life. There are many, many people here i know that are/have become ungrateful and bitter. but fact of the matter is that they have willfully put themselves in that state of mind. So instead of working hard to change their lives for the better, they complain and moan for their lack of ability to adapt to the needs of today's reality. Here is my message to all such people: Hey YOU! yes You! Instead of pointing fingers and sitting on you ass all day in front of a computer screen, Use your time, talent and energy in more productive ways. Devote your efforts for a cause that you truly believe in. Know that Determination and Hard work will overcome any and all obstacles. Mohandas Ghandi once said: "Be the change you want to see in the world". and that statement stands true today. Its harder to be that change. but its much more worthwhile than a meaning existence of not realizing ones potential.

PS: to the Anonyturd: i am not an Emirati citizen, I am a patriotic Omani citizen living in Abu Dhabi. Not that you would know the difference you Uncultured & Ignorant worm. crawl back into your hole of anonymity, come back out when you have the balls to argue rationally or disclose your national identity... And go learn how to write in English!

Muhanna Bin Taimur.

24 June, 2008 22:07  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Go ananymous who keeps bitching about Dubai at every post, get a life, no one cares?? your not going to change the world with your Schizophrenic comments. No offence, but Dubai isnt really going to be harmed by you, dont be so naive and retarded, do you need to see a doctor? a Psychologist maybe? id stay of the internet few a few days(years) i think its damaged your brain...

24 June, 2008 23:17  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

mr oman, beg your pardon, but no need to be so upset that some one dare criticize your fellow arabs, and your region. despotic tin pots who dictate what you think and do, both in life, and work has taken away all your ability to handle any debate with any amount of maturity. this is not a literary debating society, so pardon the english. nor are the comments here filtered by SD on the basis of nationality. i am anonymous because it pleases me to. and it pisses you off, good for you! nobody gives a damn who you are, what your nationality is, or you are the first omani to see an office, and works hard in abu dhabi.and it does not scare anyone either. piddly little countries like yours with slaves to work for you seem to give you megalomania. there are enough of you around spreading your lies and spin. you love dubai, you keep it. you will never ever control what free people think. nor should you attempt to, if you had any confidence in your worlds greatest city of lies. have to say though, gandhi did say lot of things, none of which was to go to another country and build it instead of your own. :-)

25 June, 2008 13:12  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ill oman says "By the way, the UAE has the second best HUMINT capabilities in the Middle East (After Israel), and the Interpol National Central Bureau of the UAE is among the best in world in terms of dealing with International Organized Crime."

Read below how they go about it:

'You must come with us'

Syed Ali was in Dubai interviewing expatriate workers for a book. The day before he was due to leave, six strangers arrived at his flat and took him to the police compound. A 13-hour interrogation lay ahead ...

Monday November 12, 2007
The Guardian

What happens in Dubai when six strangers come to the door with a search warrant? I hadn't expected to find out first-hand. I'd gone to the emirate to carry out what would count in most countries as routine academic research.

When the knock on the door came on the last day of Ramadan a year ago, I'd been in Dubai for four months. My project: to do interviews for a book on white-collar expatriate workers. Lots has been written about the exploitation of construction workers in the Gulf region, but I didn't imagine professionals living the good life would be a touchy topic - especially with Dubai so busy promoting itself as a hub of internationalism, a modern state with modern lifestyles. Come here and buy into the property-and-shopping bonanza, say the big advertising campaigns.

read more ...,,2209519,00.html

25 June, 2008 13:23  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


25 June, 2008 13:25  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To think, I actually read about it on the BBC's news site and warned my father (who lives in Dubai) about it. Whoops.

Ironically, where I live (India) I'm probably more susceptible to terrorism than my parents in Dubai. Still, I'll take this place over the UAE. (I was born and grew up there, but I don't think I ever want to go back. No career prospects, no respect, no rights, and a whole lot of repression.)

26 June, 2008 08:16  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah, and slums too...

26 June, 2008 08:59  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah the slums too...pulling the poor out of that is as good a reason to live for some, as much as womanising & debauch in dubai and bidding 5 mil dollars for a car number plate is for you!

26 June, 2008 12:29  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon @ 26 June, 2008 12:29

Well Said Anon!
God Bless your kind!


27 June, 2008 19:39  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You should start a thread about the sewage flood at International Shitty...ooops. I mean International City.

04 July, 2008 12:34  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

is it true that the british ambassador has been called to the uk for 3 months?

05 July, 2008 11:02  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good Nice Blog

05 July, 2008 19:42  

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