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30 January, 2004

Sleeping with Sheikhs

The bedishdashed gentry and royalty of the region frequent the Meridien Al Aqah resort in Fujairah, meaning that the bed in the "Royale Suite" has statistically been used by at least a couple of dozen sheikhly couples in the last year. Standing on the panoramic balcony, larger than an entire Guantanamo flatlet, this is a very satisfying thought.

Fujairah is another land, where the sun rises over the sea and sinks in a blaze of gold behind the rugged Hajjar mountains, turning the mangrove wetlands of Khor Kalba to rivers of reflected fire. A place to escape the endless flatness, traffic and commercialism of the western Emirates.

Headline of the week: Infiltrator held atop mountain, camel at large.

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