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18 May, 2005

A Tale of Two Toilets

The EMEA IT A-listers gathering in Fujairah this week must have been in ecstasies at the Meridien Al Aqah's high-tech lavatories. They feature a range of electronic bidet controls from "medium spray female" and "medium spray male" to "hot blower" and "cold blower". Fantastic. French-polished nether-regions in seconds.

Far less impressive is the plight of the more lowly lavatories at Dubai's latest shopping megaplex, Ibn Battuta mall. According to a source, the men's lavatory seats at Ibn Battuta constantly need replacing. The reason? Workers from the nearby labour camps keep going in and using the toilet hose as a shower whilst standing on the seat.

"Not quite the image Nakheel is looking for I am sure," the masdaar comments.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Apparently the toilets in the York International hotel have gone one better and have a "hot female blower".

18 May, 2005 16:09  
Blogger AHSAN GHORI said...

That is the height of Asian patrioticsm ,ie, using a western closet the asian way.
Ibn Battuta You dont need to replace just put something slippery on the seat & that will do the trick.Who would want to go to the toilet that gives broken bones for whatever you went there to give in the first place.

22 May, 2005 11:14  
Blogger AHSAN GHORI said...


22 May, 2005 11:36  

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