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20 August, 2006

Margery's malfunction

Petrol Prince Charming still not knocking at the door, Margery decides desperate measures are needed, and manages to engineer a bikini wardrobe malfunction. Unfortunately, with all males at the poolside already dazed into a stupor by the tiny pieces of string that pass for the spinster schoomarm's bathing costume, no one notices a few more milimetres of flesh on display.

But Margery has been busy doing her research. Beginning to weary of the endlessly fruitless oil-sheikh quest in Dubai, she sets her sights on the true City of Black Gold, Abu Dhabi. And what likelier hunting ground than the self-proclaimed seven-star splendour of Emirates Palace?

But alas! For vanity's sake, Margery has left her spectacles back at Cell Block G. In the vast, dimly-lit caverns of the world's most expensive pink elephant, the effect is more Velma from Scooby Doo than Jessica Rabbit. The schoolmistress gropes her way through the gloomy marble cave system, lost and confused, unable to tell the difference between curtains and keffiyahs. A four hundred dirham cup of tea assuages her thirst, if not her disappointment.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello, i am rolli from Germany. Greetings for you.

24 August, 2006 19:51  

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